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Michael Brash is a artist, herbalist, fire performer, yoga teacher, sound healer,a student and musician. Michael is also an upcoming entrepreneur in the hemp industry opening his first businesss in 2019 growing smokable high quality hemp flower. Michael Brash has earned an associates degree from Hudson Valley Community College and was certified in permaculture in Costa Rica 2017 as well as yoga in Fort Collins at Om Ananda in 2017. Michael has taught Acro yoga after being certified at Ascent climbing gym in Fort Collins and also the Foco Circus center

Michael lives in Fort Collins,Colorado and is a senoir art and horticulture student at Colorado State University. When he isn't working on art projects you can find him in the garden growing another form of his art the cultivation of plants for medicinial and theraputic properties. You can find his work at https://bridgingidea.wordpress.com and his garden by checking out his instagram @homegrownlovelion


In this link you can find some of Michaels digital art projects. https://wordpress.com/stats/day/bridgingidea.wordpress.com

Michael has taught workshops on sound healing around the world including Costa Rica where he taught a learn to build and play yur own didgeridoo workshop at the music festival Envision in Costa Rica. https://envisionfestival.com/artist/michael-brash/